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>>>Low 4k-B Desk-type Low speed centrifuge

Low 4k-B Low-speed Desk-type Low speed centrifuge is made of high strength plastic with feature of beautiful shape, small size, light weight,large capacity,low noise, high efficiency and so on. It's widely used in life Sciences,medical, food, Chemical industry and biological laboratory blood and plasma qualitative analysis.


1. With the large LCD display screen, it can display all the operating parameters;

2. After finishing the operation, there will be warning sound. The lid will be automatically opened to cool down the samples;

3. The short-spin function can be allowed to set the highest speed, and thus explore the application;

4. The dynamic diagram of the control panel displays the real-time conditions;

5. The operating parameters can be changed after reaching the set speed;

6. The speed and centrifugal force need not be switched, so that the user can easily read the data;

7. Faster acceleration and deceleration rate can separate more samples within shorter time;

8. LCD screen displays the operating status and the error codes.

Technical Parameters

Low 4k-B
Input Voltage 220VAC±10% 50/60HZ  110VAC±10% 60HZ
Power 100W

Driving motor

DC brushless motor

Time setting range

1 second to 99 minutes and 59 seconds

Increment :1 second

Max speed

4000rpm(300-4000rpm)  Increment :100rpm 

Speed Accuracy


Max. RCF 4000xg(10-1880xg)   Increment :50xg

Sample Capacity

8 x15ml

Maximum centrifugat sample density


Acceleration time

25 seconds

Deceleration time 15 seconds
Noise level ≤ 60 db(A)
Weight 9.5KG
Dimensions (L x W x H) 360 x 245 x 235 mm

Ordering Information


Product Name



Low 4k-B

Max speed:14800rpm Max RCF: 21060×g


Angle-rotor BMK8-15

Max speed:400rpm Max RCF:1880×g

Sample Capacity :8×15ml


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